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What Will kelbardi Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by satan_dot_com
Pair of Socks from missbiscuit
Bottle of Whiskey from reck0ning
Cd from rizendemon
Something Cuddly from xero_ssjx
Something Intoxicating from sesshie_sama
Something Silly from ramothhe
Something Funny from ellyssian
Lump of coal from yukipon
Something Pretty from nekiko27
Something Shiny from bardiphouka
Something Naughty from ursamajr
Something Smelly from rorschach99
Something Breakable from kordy
Something Useful from duckpuppy
Something not useful from rogueneko
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from gallowglass
Livejournal account from thunderdreaming
The Make-up Bag from neosuboshi
Stack of DVDs from slytherat
Something Geeky from agent_smith


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
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    I can't believe just how lucky I am.

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    I haven't posted in a while. I've been SUPER busy. With the house and the wedding going on I haven't really been online much at all. But I don't mind…

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    So there we have it. The keys to my very first home. After all that paperwork and running around, I actually own the house. Pictures of it will be…

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