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I had to pass this story on, it came from the depths of the workplace and was delivered by a giggling mother.

Linda (who works with us)'s sister was going to New York alone on a package deal for Christmas shopping and her husband was none too pleased. He was incredibly worried about 'all the guns and violence' in particular and was convinced she was going to be shot, mugged, killed or something similar. He warned her repeatedly against the violent black men there and gave her some advice on the matter.

If you see one black guy, that's fine. If you see two or more get the Hell out of there, they're dangerous!

Right. Anyway on with the story:

It was her first day there and she was going down to the lobby from her hotel room. A floor down a black fellow gets in the lift with her. I am fine She thinks to herself it's only one man. A few floors down another one gets in. This one had his cap pulled down low and his collar turned up high so you could barely see his face. He shuffles about then turns to her (and she is already very nervous and recalling her husbands words) and he says "Hit the ground".

Terrified she drops to her belly and begs for him not to hurt her.

He blinks at her for a moment then break out in a huge laugh and picks her up, letting her know he meant for her to press the ground floor button for him. They reach the ground and they exit, he goes about his business and she has to go sit down somewhere because she's still shaking so much from thinking she was about to get mugged.

At the end of her trip she goes to pay her bill and is told "Sorry, but your bill is paid in full. Here, there was a letter left for you." Utterly confused she opens the letter and begins to read:

Hi, you might remember me from the elevator. You thought I was trying to mug you. You've given me the best laugh I have had in months and in appreciation I have paid your bill in full. Thanks and have a great Christmas!

Will Smith

She now has the letter framed on her wall.

Now I must go and pack my laptop away for the flight. See some of you tomorrow!

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