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Babies, while all very cute and endearing when they're someone else's, seem like a terribly impractical idea to me. Older kids however are great. They gain a little charm after they're toilet trained. As delightful as the idea of spreading my genetics around sounds, it's not high on my list now that my brother is doing the whole gene spreading thing for me. Babies are nice, but stressful and time-consuming.
Should I ever feel the burning need for a kid I shall probably look at adoption before working on breeding. There are kids out there without families who aren't getting adopted because they're not 'small and cute'.

Oddly, despite my lack of maternal urges I still want to hang around for Bump. Probably because it's not mine. I won't have to clean up the puke and shit and snot. Often.

I mention this because Pregnant Girl (no longer stupid, it's remarkable. I find her very likable now.) and other mother workmate were discussing children while I was there. Which of course resulted in the "So, do you want kids soon?" question. I believe I answered: "Bahahahahaahhaa oh wait you're serious."

I have no intention at this position in my life of squeezing a melon sized lump out of my girlie parts. I am, however, glad to babysit/coo/squee and whatever else over other people's spawn so don't worry about that.
If by freakish chance I were to fall pregnant accidentally, I would naturally be delighted anyway. I'd just keep remembering the baby part doesn't last long. And people would buy me the baby toys!

I bet my biological clock is going to go off forcefully one of these days...

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