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It's things like this that make me sad.

[*] SillyAngelKitty joins you.
You say, "Hi sis"
Dawn Lightfall: uh... oh....
FalconSong: evenin Kitten
Dawn Lightfall: help me?
Akiko Yuri giggles
SillyAngelKitty: i love you sis
You say, "Love you too"
SillyAngelKitty: i am about to kill myself
You say, "Why??"
Dawn Lightfall: O.O
FalconSong: what?
Dawn Lightfall: WHAT WHY?!?!
SillyAngelKitty: cause of stuff
Dawn Lightfall: no nonononono
SillyAngelKitty: i can hardly breathe it hurts to much
Dawn Lightfall: get medical help then
FalconSong: no offence but thats not a good reason..
You say, ">.< allergies? something else?"
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "brett says he wants me out he wants me gone its over all that" to you. ]
[ You whisper "wtf????why? what happened?" to SillyAngelKitty. ]
You say, "Sis, you wanna go to your garden?"
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "i cooked him dinner i asked him to run to the store he said no" to you. ]
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "started yellin at me so i got mad" to you. ]
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "then he kept on and on so i pushed him he made me hit my head on the floor he wouldn't let me go" to you. ]
Dawn Lightfall: silly?
[ Dawn Lightfall whispers, "do you think she meant irl?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "that's bad =( and to think you were cooking for him. that is wrong so wrong and makes me mad" to SillyAngelKitty. ]
[ You whisper "no she's been through enough, she's upset but she'll pull through. i hope" to Dawn Lightfall. ]
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "so i kept gettin madder he called me mentally retarded" to you. ]
[ You whisper "That heartless bastard" to SillyAngelKitty. ]
[ SillyAngelKitty whispers, "we made up not to long ago" to you. ]
[ Dawn Lightfall whispers, "Dawn Lightfall bites her lip and hopes with you" to you. ]
[ You whisper "geez see what trouble men get you in >.<" to Dawn Lightfall. ]
[ Dawn Lightfall whispers, "singing to the choir" to you. ]
Akiko Yuri huggles sis
[ You whisper "bah men. if it weren't for bardi i really would be a lesbian >.<" to SillyAngelKitty. ]

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