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Just out of curiosity, having seen this mentioned in a few places, how many people on my friendslist were completely confused by the way they worded the gay marriage issue thingy? How many of you aren't actually sure if you voted for it or against it? There seems to be some grumbling it was terribly badly worded.

I am very disappointed in the results of that particular vote. Is America really so... old fashioned? Aren't you supposed to be the country leading the way? How comes I can never find the people who vote against gay marriage etc? A lot of them are probably just scared of what they don't understand. Or have mis-read the Bible the way so many people do. My brother used to be a liberal guy until the Baptists got him.

I shall make it my aim in life to be Bump's guiding light when its parents are being asses. Give the child all the facts and trust that they can make their own sensible decisions in life. I won't have more of the people I love brainwashed the way my brother seems to have been. You know he stopped believing in evolution? He was a finalist for Young Scientist of the Year once, and now he thinks the world was made in seven days.

Just as a note, I don't actually have a problem with people having religions. I think faith is a good thing in general. It's the ones who abuse that power, the ones who manipulate people through it, the ones who let it be their mind for them that get to me. But this is a whole other rant.

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