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Dear America,

I see Bush has another four years. What happened? Last I heard the majority of the Americans I knew were voting for anyone but Bush. Do most Republicans not have the internet or something?
I hope people realise that this vote did not just affect America, but the whole world. I hope people realise that Americans and Iraqis are not the the only people dying in the foolish war. I hope people realise that many people are now being denied basic rights because of the issues that were voted on.

I hope people realise that the worst is yet to come.

Most of the people reading this did not vote for Bush, and that I understand. Those of you who did actually took the time to consider things carefully and you voted the way your conscience told you to. I respect that. I am not going to get angry at anyone simply because I would have voted different if I could have. What saddens me is how uninformed and close-minded far too many voters still are. I had thought America to be a progressive country, willing to change and learn. But today I have seen and heard that in many places this simply isn't the case. This worries me greatly. How does a country in which many people die because of a lack of basic, affordable health care manage to support a war? Does this seem wrong to anyone else? Perhaps I am spoiled by the NHS. I don't know. I suspect it doesn't matter anyway.

I hope above all hopes Bush can redeem himself this time. I hope you know what you're doing. I'm frightened for you, and for the rest of the world. The man puts too much stock in his Religion for my liking.

And yet Blair kisses his ass relentlessly. As a side vote, no. I didn't vote for Blair. In fact I'm starting to give serious thought to voting for the Lib-Dems next time even though I know they'll never win.

Love Kel. XXX.

P.S. There's room in Britain for any asylum seekers who wish to escape for four years.

< /nonsensical rant >

Sorry about that.
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