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Halloween is tomorrow. I have the ingredients for a pretty good Tonks-like costume handy. But I won't be wearing it. Why? Well what's the point, noone will see. I'll be alone in my bedroom hoping nobody trick or treats, or if they do that someone else is around to answer the door.

I used to go out clubbing in costume on Halloween weekend.

In other news Hay's site can now be taken off my to-do list, and will be launched at midnight.

Don't forget to put your clocks back at 1am all you Brits. And Americans I believe. And anyone else who does that sort of thing this weekend.

I just looked out my back door and it's so delightfull foggy tat the bare-branched tree at the end of the garden is wonderfully fuzzy. Which is interesting as I was downstairs an hour or so ago and it was merely slightly hazy. MMmmm. Fog. What makes it nicer is that the eternal flames which burn constantly here have lit up the entire fog in a dull orange glow. Very seasonal indeed.

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