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I've been quiet lately. Yeah. This has to do with the overwhelming mundanity in my current life.

Current Projects
Hay's band site - proposed release for the 31st Oct. Current progress: nil. Aside from forum and gallery. But seeing as they were the two biggest hurdles at leats they're out of the way. Next biggest task - graphics. Then it's a matter of copying over Hay's text.

3 Harry Potter fanarts. One via hp_art_xchange and two via hp_tradeoff. A Neville, a Harry/Draco and a Harry/Snape (quite specific in what was wanted and might give me a headache or two but dammit I'll do my best). I'm not going to reveal exactly which picture is going to who, as the hp_tradeoff ones are secret. Painted, by hand. Tablet still dead.

50,000 words for Twist In The Tail. Good old Nanowrimo, stealing my November away. Keep updated on that at the very rarely updated lately kelnano.

A fansite for bardiphouka. Seriously.

Redesign of my own site, as it's a bit crap really.

Continuation of Drunkards & Dragons series, which will have to wait till after Nanowrimo.

I also have an idea brewing for an erotic book, and constant sketch ideas.

All this and work/planning of Christmas. I can see me getting tired. If anyone sees me on Ragnarok during November ask me if I have met my wordcount for the day and if I haven't tell me off. Same goes for Dark Descending, though I do plan on at least trying to play there still.

Anything I've forgotten?

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