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Sheesh, some people...
Yes the one with the bow is me. No idea who the other guy is.

I had an interesting day at work, but can't be bothered retyping it, so have a conversation I had with bardiphouka when I got home:

[17:47:41] Kel®: hugs where to start. hmm the mrning was fairly dull
and tiring. been split up from mum all day and miles and
craig weren't in
[17:48:11] bardi: hugs
[17:49:21] Kel®: when i was moved to line 5 i stood a few hours and
this doesn't really bother me too much any more. but linda
from line 6 came over and asked me how long i had been
standing, told me to ask di for a seat after lunch etc
[17:49:36] bardi: nice of her
[17:49:49] Kel®: indeed. apparently line 6 thought i had been standing
too long
[17:50:01] bardi: huzzah for them
[17:50:37] Kel®: i was fine though. and the reason i was standing
anyway was because we were a person short and it is a line
with hand operated labelling machines called ponys
[17:51:45] Kel®: so after lunch before anyone says anything di comes
over and asks me if i would mind do a little more packing
because of the person shortage, and she said she would get
me onto a pony and train me as soon as she got a chance. i
was more than happy with that
[17:52:05] Kel®: well line 6 girls saw me standing again
[17:52:38] Kel®: there was this loud scream, di's name, from the
direction of line 6. i saw her go over and both supervisors
had one hell of a row
[17:53:30] Kel®: poor kel tried to look innocent, i'd already passed
on the reason why i was still standing and happy about it
to line 6
[17:53:42] bardi: erk?
[17:53:50] Kel®: indeed
[17:54:26] Kel®: well at that moment ricky came through and jeanette
called him over to have a go at him, then i heard my name
[17:54:47] Kel®: Di stormed over and told me to get on a seat now to
shut that bitch on line 6 up
[17:55:44] bardi: goodness
[17:55:55] Kel®: well after a short stint on polishing on a seat she
decided to move me to pony like she promised. so derrik
moved to polishing and everyone shifted around, meaning one
machinist had to go pack
[17:57:09] Kel®: unfortunately it was carrie. and the reason she was
taken off pony was because ricky saw her doing it in the
first place. she's agency, and not core. company policy it
seems it only permanents and core staff are to operate
machines of any kind
[17:57:22] Kel®: and she is a gobby bitch
[17:58:03] Kel®: so she storms off to ricky to complain about herself
getting kicked off pony for me apparently. i never found
out what happened there
[17:58:31] bardi: so did kel get to ride the pony?
[17:58:34] Kel®: basically i got trained on pony today and started an
argument that even the workers in the other hallheard
[17:59:54] Kel®: i was following carrie home, she was talking to vicky
(another agency and I've seen her doing pony on line 6 so
they can stop complaining) and bitching about how all
agency should be treated the same because we're all the
same and how 'that fucking bitch from line 4' got
preferential treatment. i was about to lean ver and point
out the difference when the buzzer went and they shot off
[18:00:04] Kel®: tomorrow should be interesting anyway
[18:00:22] bardi: sounds like
[18:00:36] bardi: I assume you were the one from line 4?
[18:00:55] Kel®: indeed. being core i am assigned a line unlike her
[18:01:05] Kel®: another thing i am sure she is sore about
[18:01:10] bardi: ah
[18:01:17] Kel®: i am waiting patiently for her to say something to me
directly =)

[18:01:51] Kel®: and mum has been having her own fight for a while
[18:01:58] bardi: oh?
[18:03:15] Kel®: mum and may, the evil twin of the pair, do not get
on. and while mum is content just to settle for being civil
she is not. yesterday while they were on packing may
snapped at her and started shouting at her. and then she
had a go at her that afternoon too. well turns out alison
[18:03:39] Kel®: mum has had a bodyguard today in the form of a rather
scary butch dyke who already hates may
[18:04:02] bardi: erk
[18:05:03] Kel®: alison is nice once you get to know her. like a
rotweiler. she might look scary and she does bark a lot,
but she's really a big softie
[18:05:14] bardi: =)
[18:05:50] Kel®: well, i knew that mum and may were having issues, but
if alison or i ever catch her having another go at mum
she'll regret it.

I'm not an agressive person but I don't care for people stressing my mum out at all. Alison takes care of the violence. Besides, I'm more likely to have a word with the management and many friends. Let's put that anti-bullying policy into action shall we?

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