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I was right - more news.

Nanna has gone back into hospital. My aunts say they couldn't cope anymore with her. They say she has been crying and screaming in the night and has damaged her own leg so badly that there was blood all over the livingroom. They say they have been giving her 200ml of diamorphine every hour because her pain is so bad. They say the hospital too her in and had to give her 2000ml. 2000ml? Isn't that lethal? Why don't we just check with hospital to see how she is eh?

The nurse says she has seen no signs of self-harm. And yes she is in some pain but she isn't screaming in the night, in fact she is quite comfortable from the 200ml of diamorphine they gave her 5 hours ago. 5 hours. This is sounding very odd. Someone is lying to us. Why don't we do something controversial? Let's phone Tony and at least tell him where she is now.

Tony is distraught that noone has contacted him. But didn't he throw her out on her birthday? No, he didn't. He was told by the social worker that he was not allowed to care for her because of his own failing health. He has been spending weeks cleaning the house and garden to bring her home, he even had special furniture bought so she would be more comfortable. He did phone her in the hospital but it was to tell her how much he loved and missed her. It was to thank her for the 27 years she had been a wonderful wife. It was to tell her that should she leave first, he'll be following right behind. Odd, we say, but my aunts told us you threw her out.
Odd, we think, but my aunts told us she was screaming and crying in the night.
Odd also, we think, how the aunt she was staying with has had her £400 phone bill paid by Nanna so she could reconnect the line and contact the hospital in an emergency.
And what of the £100 she took from Nanna for groceries? Why is it that my aunt Helen (the only one we trust with Nanna's actual bank accounts) says she had to go to the shop for bread and milk the day after my other aunt got the money and supposedly went food shopping.

How can they lose such respect for their own mother?
Why did they lie?

Could it be the few thousand pounds she has stashed away in her bank accounts, marked 'inheritance'?
I hope Helen gets it all.
Or Tony. That would piss them off.

They don't deserve a penny.

But at least they are now classing Nanna as 'comfortable'. That is a little good news.

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