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Work is crap. Stupid Pregnant Girl spends all day sitting yet I clearly saw her pick up a box today with no trouble, despite the fact she insists she can't. If she can't do the job then she really shouldn't be working there, it's unfair to send one girl home because she is injured and unable to do some jobs but keep another who's condition is self-inflicted. To make matters just slightly more annoying she doesn't know who the father is. I have nothing against sex but for the love of bunnies people, contraception.
Two bottles fell on me. I was soaked in whiskey. And in the fresh cut I got. OUCHOUCHOUCHPAINOUCH.
Much more ranting available on request.

Also, Ragnarok? Funfun.
If anyone comes across an Earthworm The Dude they don't want let me know? I want to train a picky.

To bed!

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