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3am. The dog is whining. She wants out of my room. She wakes me up. I get groggily out of bed, it is dark, my contact lenses are not in, the dog is in the general direction of the door. The dog scuttles backwards when she hears me coming. Taken by surprise I have to change direction mid-step.



The little toe of my right foot meets my wooden bookcase at an awkward angle. I hop around swearing and cursing the dog while opening the door for her. She vanishes into the spare room to sleep there. I go back to bed. I gently rub my toe to try and stop it hurting. It's wet. I turn on the light. It's blood. I hop through to the bathroom to try and find a plaster.

Have you ever tried to put a plaster on your little toe when the damage is at the base of the nail? It's near impossible. I finally managed to get something that at least stops blood going all over my sheets. It still hurts like buggary though. I attempt to sleep.

The dog comes back into my room and promptly falls asleep under my bed.

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