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Infection vs Gangrene

The district nurse says Nanna has gangrene. My aunts think she has too. The doctor told her in hospital it was an infection. They kept telling her it would clear up and they waited and waited. Then she got real bad and they threw her out. Now it is quite clear it was not an infection. The misdiagnosis, or lie, has probably cost her the time it needed to save her life. Had she been told when she first went in what it really was, she knew very well it doesn't clear and leads to death. She would have asked for an amputation. Her life may very well have been saved. There must be an inquiry over this.

Little space for those who may have slightly squeamish tummies - rather icky imagery coming up.

The nurse refuses to show anyone what Nanna's leg looks like now. When asked for a description the reply was simply that it "looks like a kid's ice-lolly that has melted inside the wrapper".
Anyone with a good imagination probably has a rather horrid image in their head now - um, sorry.
Apparently the smell is unbearable. My aunt's friends can smell it on my aunt's clothes when she goes to work. Magaret isn't sleeping much, terrified. My other aunts are there day and night to help. Apparently Nanna has had so much morphine now that she's losing her mind a little now. She keeps telling them not to wander off or go very far, as though they were just small children again. It's odd to think of that once-proud and strong woman reduced to that. You wouldn't keep a dog like that. They should probably take the chance at the amputation. this may sound horrid, but even if it fails and the operation kills her, isn't that better than letting her rot like this?

I'll probably update more tomorrow.

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