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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Short and brightly coloured.
Clothes:Leather, belts, chains, bondage pants, collars, and tight shirts.
Powers:Can talk to animals
Special Features:Random tattoo(s)
Sidekick:A wise-ass little demon.
Attitude:Very quiet and reserverd, extremely shy.
Weapon:A sword that's twice as big as you are.
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My LJ Sailor Moon Cast by tiger_moth
Sailor Moonramothhe
Sailor Marsdjinniyah
Sailor Venusnekiko_no_heya
Sailor Mercuryroxannecentaur
Sailor Jupitercassieclaire
Sailor Uranusbardiphouka
Sailor Neptuneladys
Sailor Plutoseviet
Sailor Saturnnekiko27
Tuxedo Kamenagent_smith
Sailor Chibi Moongothwalk
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