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There is a girl at work who is pregnant by hmm maybe 16 weeks? Perhaps a little more I am not sure. Only the tiniest of bumps, almost impossible to see unless her shirt is pulled tight. Not that she knows who the father is. There are more than a few candidates.

Anyway she has started refusing to bend or lift like the rest of us, meaning we have to take her shift on bottles and compensate for her on packing. Bear in mind bottle involves a tiny bit of light bending occasionally and nothing we lift is heavy at all. Funny because my understanding of pregnancy was that such light exercise was actually a good thing.

Some people will use any excuse to get out of jobs they don't like. The annoying thing is the managers let her get away with it and compensate for her.

It's like the lad, Liam, he's a bit slow bless him. Had to go to a special school or something. From what I hear (and I may have missed something else as I walked in on the tail end of a conversation and don't like to ask) his main problem is having ADD.

Yes, ADD.

I've worked with him every day now and he's a fast learner, a bit lazy sometimes and mumbles a lot but in general does his jobs very well. Sometimes he's too eager for break but then sometimes so am I. When he first joined the factory (he's 16, his mother is one of the twins) the managers let him do what he wanted, he just wandered around looking a bit lost a lot. We just showed him where to be and when and what to do when there and he's fine now.

So why did the management make special allowances for him? He didn't need them. I don't think they should make allowances for anyone who doesn't have an obvious problem or a Drs note of some kind. Like Nicky who was in a bad crash and had to have her foot pinned back together. Bah.

Speaking of the twins, they're a fun pair. May and Jean. They're identical and you can't tell one from the other except when they wear their overalls with their names on. They used to have different coloured hats too but now everyone has to wear the same blue. It's great watching them because if one is standing with her arms crossed and her left leg propped up so will the other, even if they're at opposite sides of the room and not looking at each other. Today they both had a curl of hair sticking out from under their hats at the right. May went to speak to Jean and actually used her as a mirror to fix her hair. Freaky ^_^

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