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I'd always wondered why my laptop ran slower than I expected when playing games, after all it has 256mb ram. That's what I paid for.

I just checked the system specs in XP to make sure Sims 2 would run. It says my laptop has 192mb ram.

I am very, very angry.

And very, very stupid. I should have checked that before now. It's been hmm a year since I bought it.

But I am still very, very angry at being ripped off. But I can't prove it unless I find some paperwork saying it has 256mb ram. At which point I shall storm to the place I bought it and politely request that this error is fixed somehow, whether it be a new laptop or installation of missing ram (at no extra cost of course) or even some hefty discount on something would be nice.

Or the head of the inept salesman who sold it to me.

And yes, I remember exactly who it was. He wasn't the brightest fellow I ever met. I remember clearly sending him to check how much ram it had because he didn't know offhand.


Looks like there is a bloody good chance it is my graphics card sucking at my ram, thanks mr_wombat!
I shall pop into my local, nice, cheap pc shop and see if they can do me a deal on a new graphics card and could the darlings please fit it while I wait as I need my laptop Which I shall share with them.

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