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Some days I hate being a core worker.

A couple of weeks ago agency were sent home for half a day (did I mention that? I forget.) due to a lack of work.

Today they took volunteers from the agecy workers to go home at 9am and have tomorrow off also, with first choice of overtime to make up the missing hours. Was I asked? Was I Hell.

Also, mum was telling me an amusing story about last night when she was out in the car with Da. A group of teenaged lads, maybe 13 or 14 years old, messing around in the road. One in particular decided it would be funny to stand the middle of the road and stick his arms out probably thinking Oh how funny it is to slow cars down and generally be stupid. Except my mum didn't slow down. In fact she swerved the car towards him for just a second*. Apparently he turned white as a sheet and may have in fact wet himself.

That's one group of kids scared off playing chicken.

*don't panic she's an incredibly safe driver and the car has unbelievable brakes, she knew there was no danger.

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