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Bad Joke Time!

A phouka, a bann sidhe and a selkie are driving through the desert while on holiday when their Jeep breaks down. The next town is only a few hours walk away so they each agree to carry one thing only to get there quicker.
The phouka brings a bottle of lemonade and explains that if they get thirsty they can all have a drink to stop from dehydrating.
The bann sidhe brings a bottle of vodka and explains that they can mix it with the lemonade and get drunk as they quench their thirsts, making the walk much more fun.
The selkie rips the door off the Jeep and tucks it under her arm.
"What on earth do you want that for?" asks the phouka

"I'm bringing the door..." explains the selkie "so that if we get really hot, I can wind the window down."

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