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Do you remember the first time you were kissed?
I mean really kissed. Not a peck on the lips when you were 8, or a sort of testing slobber when you were 14. I mean the first kiss that came from love, that toe-curling, belly-flipping, stopped-caring-about-breathing kiss.

I do. Everyday.

I like good memories. Sometimes a memory that has no reason to be there will just pop into the front of my mind. Memories like walking home on a dry day and being caught in a sudden rainshower, the kind that soaks to the skin instantly. Or sitting on the damp sand at dusk surrounded by candles as the tide rolls in quietly with my best friends. Or my first sight of Cincinatti, lit up at night on my way to bardiphouka's flat from the airport. Perhaps even the time I helped deliver a calf. Or the first time I woke up being held by someone else. And sleeping on the sofa at Bardi's flat while he plays Age Of Empires =)

What do you remember?

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