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Went shopping today.
Got a watercolour sketchpad, a nicely bound A5 sketchbook, a book on watercolours an acrylics set and a free handfan. There were so many books I nearly bought.

We've been trying to encourage Stacey, she's interested in design (specifically fashion but I think that's a phase all girls go through....except me). Problem is we found a perfect book, good for her level of skill and all about fashion and how to draw designs. She wouldn't even come look at it, nevermind buy it. She wanted to continue clothes shopping with my mother (who she is gradually stealing). Da and I gave up and went book/supplies shopping.

Very pissed off at HMV. They finally rearranged their DVDs so there is actually an anime section (they had it all scattered round the store before) and they go and raise the bloody prices! I'm not going to pay £20 for 4 episodes on a series.

Still missing bardiphouka.

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