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I have two characters in Dark Descending, a Harry Potter RPG.

Narcissa Malfoy was easy to work out, she's the long-suffering wife of an abusive asshole, an alcoholic, and overbearing mother and also very slightly crazy.

Theodore Nott however is being difficult. He's Slytherin and is naturally Slytherin-like. His dad is a Deatheater but he hates them. he loves potions but regularly acts up and plays pranks. And for some reason he keeps running off to places urgently and staying up all night researching.

Damned if I know why.

Obviously he has some secret project he's working on alone. At first I thought perhaps he was practising to become an animagus in an effort to escape from the pressures of his home life, but Hermione is a licensed Animagus and I think Ginny may be interested in doing so too, so the game probably has enough of those. I have since been trying to come up with a good secret project for him.

Any ideas anyone?

Also, I miss bardiphouka. If he isn't having fun I shall be sorely upset at him.*

Today we'll be having a BBQ.

*Not true at all.

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