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How You Live Your Super Life by wdalphin
What is your superhero name?
Your background is:You're from a planet with 5 suns
Your super power is:You steal the super powers from others
Your weakness is:Chocolate
Your sidekick is:bardiphouka
Your nemesis is:aracely_star
Wanted for the following crime:Blowing up a star just for fun
Your epic battle will take place:In a drifting spacecraft
How many die getting in the way:430,229
Who wins:You all die fighting (sidekick included)
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Scarily, Kaos was my idea for a rather unfortunate superhero character (should I ever find a place to rp with such a person) who's powers are basically what it says up there ^

A little angry at work today. There was 5 mins to go and as usual everyone is clustering around waiting as the lines have finished. Lesley (our line manager) asks Miles and I if we would mind making up a couple of stacks of boxes before we leave. No problem says we and off we trot. We make maybe a stack and a half in a few minutes when Ricky (the floor manager guy who is basically in charge along with Janie) asks us to sweep and clean up at the pallets in the corner. He moves on and we spot Jamie and William doing nothing so we ask them if they would mind terribly sweeping for us while we finish off a few more boxes. No problem says they and off they trot. Then Ricky comes back and asks us to sweep around the handstitcher where we are making boxes, which admittedly has been left a mess by whoever was there before us. No problem says we again seeing we have done 3 stacks of boxes and have a couple of minutes left. We have just located a brush and dustpan and have started clearing up when Shirley-Ann (who is sort of in charge of the wash-house but has no authority over us) storms over and orders us to go sweep up by the pallets. We see Jamie and William doing a nice job of it and tell her that sorry, we are already doing a job.
She didn't like that.
Well the buzzer goes and we leave to go home. She was in line behind me to clock out and I heard her talking to Willie (her toeless husband) that it was disgusting that we didn't drop everything and do the job she wanted us to and that she will be telling Ricky and we will be getting seen to by him in the morning. Despite the fact she was standing around, and the washhouse is her responsibility.
I hope she does, so I can Ricky exactly what happened, the fact that not only did we already have a job, he tried to give us two and then she got upset when she didn't get us to do her job. And that the two lads were doing a fine job of it anyway. Miles and I cannot be in four places at once after all. I am going to take the instructions of my line manager and the manager over the demands of some fellow lackey.

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