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Today *looks at clock* well technically yesterday I went to Braehead and ended up going ice skating with Stacey, dragging da out onto the ice for the first time in his life. He got the hang of it fairly quickly. He only fell once and that was because mum decided that showing up back from her little trip to the shops we didn't want to go in and shouting and waving at him would be a good idea.
I didn't fall at all, though I nearly did a few times. Especially when a couple of bleach-blonde (who lets kids that age bleach their hair?) brats decided it would be funny to skate across people's paths.

Went to the Bear Factory and came back with yet another stuffed animal, this time a silver tabby cat. My first female. I even found her a little pink cheongsam to wear on sale while I was there.

There has been talk of Stacey making the move into our home a permanent one. No idea how serious this talk is.
On the one hand it would seriously cut into my privacy (and if anyone knows me they will know I can be a very private person, I need some time in the house alone every so often) on the other hand it has been quite nice having her around, and I am sure it would not do her any harm academically, coming from her family into ours.

But that is a whole different rant about my mother's sisters I won't get into today.

In other news I ate a slice of pizza.
It was good.
I am well.

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