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More Drunkards And Dragons will be along as soon as I get my ass in gear. And the Potter Swimsuit Series has not been forgotten.

The eternal flames must be 50ft high tonight, I can hear them roaring from my bedroom with the windows shut. It's oddly relaxing, in the same way I used to adore the sound of the rain (back when I was in an attic room and it pounded on the roof above me).

Work is Hell. Doesn't look like I'll get a holiday this year to break it up and will end up working the full contact with my longest break being when I was sick a fortnight ago. 2 days. The days are going slowly but oddly the weeks are rolling by quickly.

Worked at the filler for 3 hours straight today. I think it might be affecting my hearing. Either that or it's the wax buildup. Think perhaps I should look into getting my ears syringed sometime. Anyone had that done? I've been told that afterwards you can hear a sparrow fart at 100 yards.

I'm blathering for no reason other than to delay going to bed and to fill up your friendlist. Also I am sure there was something I was going to say....but I can't remember what it was.

Why do people encourage people they call their friends to slowly kill themselves just because they think it's pretty? I don't understand humans.

I have been in a mood to RP lately...but I have no place or people to do it with. Nor do I have much in the way of time. I miss RP.

I also have a million stories in my head that won't come out and won't leave me alone. I have ideas for art and DND floating around in there too.

I'm lonely. I have great friends here but I miss you guys. Especially You.

I'm going to stop bothering you and go to bed.
As soon as I do yet another sig image for Hay.
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