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I got a fancy cameraphone yesterday. The pictures aren't great quality but it's oh-so convenient when you're on the move. Haven't figured out how to email from it yet (though it's on Vodafone Live so there is a way). I took a couple of pics with it to demonstrate:

This is BP. I took this one at MMS size (for sending to other phones) so you could see what size they are, but the phone has a bigger size too:

BP again, but at the bigger size. As a side note all of the bigger pics have been shrunk down 50% for convenience and to make them easier to see.
Both BP pics were taken out of the window of a moving car.

This is Honey, our blind shi-tzu.

This is Oliver, our deaf King Charles Cavalier. As you can see he is incredibly fat.

This is where I went today. I actually went to two malls, but this is where I thought to take a photo.

This is inside, the photo does not do justice to the absolute hugeness of this place. I've been in several American supermarkets now and this place makes them look like corner shops.

This is my cousin Stacey, who is staying with us for two weeks, and my mother. At MMS size.

Not very exciting sorry.

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