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First real memory of something: A beach, the sea, a huge concrete wall and a small shop beside all three. Very very hazy, must have been very young.
First car: I have never owned a car.
First kiss: Oh I was always kissing people when I was little. Not sure I have any that I would consider a real kiss until I met bardiphouka.
First break-up: Hmm only break-up was with a lad name Colin. He was a twunt who was stealing from my friend and sleeping with two girls behind my back (one of whom was only 15). It was a mutual 'fuck off' thing and I haven't seen him since.
First job: More Store (a UK chain of particularly crap shops). They worked me hard and sat on their asses all day. So I quit in the middle of the Christmas rush ^_^ they didn't pay me enough to care about giving notice (£3.40/hour)
First frustration: Probably trying to get in Christmas presents (my mum wraps them so that a bear couldn't get into them heh)
First screen name: Kel_Comet. I kept the Kel and swapped the Comet for Bardi when it seemed like a good idea.
First self purchased album: Probably a U2 one. Hmm. Achtung Baby I think.
First funeral: My great-uncle just two years ago. One of only 2 funerals I have been to.
First piercing/tattoo: Small black ankh by my navel. My ears was pierced before I was 2.
First Drive-in Movie: Never been to one of those. I'd like to.
First love: A fellow by the name of Christopher Ransford. I was 8. he had a broken arm. It was sexy lol.
First enemy: I never really had an enemy. Though there was this one girl called Kerry who decided to make mine and Hay's lives difficult when we were out trying to enjoy ourselves. If I recall rightly Hay had to stop me from using her as a punchbag.
First big trip: Aside from the ones from the UK to Germany and back, a loong holiday in Venice. We drove there from our home in Germany with a caravan and my parents best friends tagging along behing with their new baby and thei caravan. Took 5 days to get there. Was lovely..
First play/musical/performance: I've been performing ever since I can remember. The first one I recall was a sort of concert/play thing done by children with no real plot just a lot of singing and dancing. I was the youngest member there, maybe 3 or 4.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: My brother and his guitar which alas he lost interest in.
Last cigarette: Never smoked.
Last kiss: With bardiphouka at he end of March when I left for Scotland.
Last library book checked out: Wow I haven't been to a library for years, not counting ones in the USA. Hmm in the USA I got a couple on watercolours and back in Cumbria....I think I reread Good Omens.
Last movie seen: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Last book read: Currently reading Dante's Inferno.
Last cuss word uttered: It was some series of words all runtogether. Something like 'fuckingarsecuntbadgerfucksocks'.
Last beverage drank: Limeade. Mmmm.
Last food consumed: Stirfry (Ho sin(sp?) with plum sauce - turkey strips for the meat).
Last crush: Hmm probably some celebrity, Alan Rickman or Bowie maybe (I do love the classics). In real life? uh...there is the girl who worked at the Chinese Herbalists...
Last tv show watched: Whatever it was Dad had on when I had dinner. Something not terribly interesting anyway.
Last shoes worn: Suede black steel-toed shoes.
Last cd played: CD...hmm...probably the HIM CD Craig gave me. I usually listen to MP3s.
Last item bought: 3 books (Delta of Venus, Dante's Inferno, Monkey) and a pair of ankle boots.
Last annoyance: Trish getting at me for not turning the filler off for break when I had 5 mins previously and Ann told me to turn it back on, despite the fact she saw me do it.
Last disappointment: Opening my lunch box to find a Jaffa Cake corner yoghurt....and no spoon.
Last soda drank: Limeade.
Last thing written: A chapter of Drunkards and Dragons.
Last word(s) spoken: 'Thankyou' as dad cleaned up dinner plates.
Last time amused: Constantly, life amuses me. But before that having a conversation with Miles. He's a funny little man.
Last time in love: Always in love.
Last time hugged: March =(
Last trip: To Glasgow to see my brother I believe.

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