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Bobby strutted through the corridors lazily in his new outfit, his old clothes slung over his shoulder. The armour, he was pleased to discover, was light and easy to move in. As he dodged around two particularly rushed looking boys carrying what appeared to be a statue of an elegant looking dragon he caught voices behind him. He turned to face an ornate door, only slightly ajar. He heard his name and tried to peer through the gap. There sat the Old King himself, occasionally blurred by a flash of purple as it passed one way or the other.
“…and you’re sure you want to take this Bobby with you?” Thorellin asked with a tone of concern.
“Absolutely. You know how she’ll take to him. It would be in our best interests.” Tallia replied, her voice weary as though they had gone over this a thousand times.
“He would be much safer here with us. Allow us to keep him here while you retrieve the scroll.”
“He will be perfectly fine with us and you know it. Could you ask for anyone better watching over him truly?” Tallia sighed.
“I know, but what if…” Tallia cut the King off mid-sentence.
“No buts. You know I am right.”
“Caught you.” A deep voice whispered in Bobby’s ear, making him jump and whirl round in shock. Bren grinned at him, looking thoroughly pleased with himself.
“Bren! Oh you scared the Hell out of me!” Bobby gasped as his heartrate tried to return to normal.
“Alas, not only does he get caught listening in on a meeting, he let me sneak right up on him! What good will he be in a dragon’s lair to us?” Bren sighed over-dramatically to noone in particular.
“I wasn’t…I mean I didn’t mean to…” Bobby stammered.
“Shush and move over, I want to hear what they’re saying too.” Bren elbowed his ribs gently and shuffled up to the door. A delicate hand grabbed the tip of his ear not quite so delicately.
“Bren Grathiasson Soroster! What did I tell you to do?” Tallia scolded.
“Ahh…ahh…stop…ow…you told me to…ah…get Bobby and take him…ow damn it…take him back to the others.” He whined, his ear being pinched and twisted painfully.
“And what are you doing?” She demanded.
“Nothing I swear…AH! OW!...I didn’t do anything!” He wailed.
“You were eavesdropping weren’t you?” she tutted and let go of his ear. He pouted and rubbed at the lobe tentatively. “What will I do with you kids. Well at least you managed to find Bobby I suppose. And it’s not like you would have heard anything worth hearing. But if I catch you doing it again you’ll regret being born curious.” She threatened. Bren winced but kept quiet about Bobby’s own snooping. “Well come along then. Nice outfit by the way.” She directed the last comment at Bobby who stammered a thanks, slightly taken by surprise by what had just happened. As they headed back towards the main hall Bren leaned in close to Bobby.
“When you get a chance tell me what you heard, I think I earned that.” He muttered under his breath. Bobby nodded.

They met the others and with a brief stop to gather their supplies they headed out the huge doors and down the ramp where a couple of pages waited with horses for them all, except for Rose who was lifted to nestle in front of Tallia. Irknar was pleased to find they had even provided a slightly smaller horse for him The horses stamped restlessly as their equipment was secured tightly and with a wave from the serving girls, who were playing in the large pool where Bobby and Tallia had watched them flirting last night, they headed into the forest and joined a well trampled road.

They rode in good spirits, laughing and joking. On occasion they would pass other travelers or spot a group of elves in the undergrowth here and there.
“We should probably make the best of this while it lasts.” Elredor grumbled a little.
“Why? Does it get dangerous soon?” Bobby asked with a tremor of worry. Tallia laughed.
“No no, we have a long way before we expect anything more dangerous than a few wild animals. Our blonde friend always gets gloomy when he has to leave the Palace. Life there is far too comfortable for him. It makes him soft.” She teased.
“Bloody Elves!” Irknar chipped in.
“Ah but once we pass the gateway we’ll be heading into fields and towns. It’s just not the same.” Elredor sighed.
“I like fields and towns. Especially a nice quiet town, surrounded by fields. With a good friendly pub.” Rose piped up. After some muttering they had to agree the pub did sound inviting.
“We’ll go as far as we can today. We may need to find a nice clearing to camp in overnight but if we make good time we should be able to spend a couple of nights at an inn in Idal.” Tallia informed them. They rode in quiet conversation for a while, Irknar and Elredor bickering over something and Tallia talking quietly to Rose. Bren pulled on his reins and walked his horse beside Bobby’s.
“So, what did you hear? Anything good?”
“I didn’t hear very much at all I’m afraid.” He shook his head “But they were talking about me and this quest thing. Tallia said I had to come along because ‘She’ would take to me. Any idea who she meant?”
“Buggered if I know mate. Maybe she plans to meet up with one of her Mage friends or something.” Bren shrugged.
They rode in silence, deep in thought.

I actually have ideas for various scenes in the story, but they'll come much later. I hope they'll work.

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