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Rather mundane, skip this post if you want.

I went on a mild shopping spree in Stirling. Whee.
I got two outfits from The Bear Factory, one business suit and a karate gi (with black belt of course) for my two unclothed stuffed animals. Also got £4 off, huzzah for reward schemes.
New sketch pad, I appear to not be able to find my other smallish one though I know where my big one is.
New boots. Black ankle boots made out of the same material as boxers boots and designed to look like a stilleto pointy-toed version of boxers boots. Nice and comfy.
A pair of black trousers. Nothing interesting. They stretch, I found them in a plus size store (Evans) on sale. Nice fit. Comfy also.
A bra. It's black. Woo.
3 books from Waterstones seeing as they were having a 3 for 2 offer and I haven't bought any books for a while. I got Delta of Venus by Anais Nin, The Divine Comedy Volume I - Inferno by Dante and also Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en which many people may remember being made into a TV series in the 70s(?). It's the same story as Saiyuki I believe for those people on my friends list I know that love that anime (myself included - I am looking at you bardiphouka and neosuboshi and possibly neochichiri).

Anyway. A good day's shopping. And I have new shoes. Anyone who has ever been shoe shopping with me knows how rare that is.

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