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Subject: Draco Malfoy
Medium: Wacom tablet, Painter Classic
Rating: PG-13? (Naked man chest)

Continued from this.

Draco studies each Polaroid intently. He knows each curve and line. He has been collecting them for months, ever since he came across the Muggle camera, able to spit out a picture instantly. They didn't move, but to him that somehow made them more perfect.


Lyrics from Stateless by U2

I wonder - should I carry on and do the rest of the song?
If I do should I keep it strictly Harry/Draco or should I let the others in on the lyrical action? Opinions/ideas/desires anyone?

Lyrics of the entire song for those who may be interested:

I've got no home in this world
Just gravity
Luck and time

I've got no hope in this world
Just you
And you are not mine


There are no colors in your eyes
There's no sunshine in your skies
There's no race, only the prize
There is no tomorrow, only tonight

It's the difference

You can cover the world with your thumb
Still so big, so bright, so beautiful


Push...down on me
Push...down on me
Push...your weight down
Your weight...down on me
Your weight (down on me)
When your weight falls...down on me
Be the heavy hand
The mortal sand
Be the weight, heart, down on me

Hey bliss

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