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Drunkards and Dragons

Bobby woke in confusion. He was sure he had been sleeping alone. He reached out and brushed warm skin. Keeping his eyes squeezed shut, half out of fear of who was sharing his bed and half out of the hope the past day had been a drink induced nightmare and he’d merely gone home drunk and with company, he reached down to the sheets and covered himself up. He could feel warm sunlight on his face.
“Come come Northerner, you don’t wish to keep your friends waiting do you?” A lilting voice asked merrily. He carefully opened one eye and focussed on the naked elf perched on his bed. She was quite a stunning woman, with hair so blonde it was almost white (and quite natural he noted, blushing). He was contemplating what to do when a pillow hit him in the chest. Bouncing on the foot of the bed were several other beautiful elven maidens apparently engaged in a pillow fight. Bobby wondered if he had died and gone to heaven as they rolled nakedly around on top of the covers, giggling, tickling and sending feathers flying with each blow of the pillows. The fair haired woman pulled him upright and out of bed.
“I’ve been sent here to dress you appropriately. The laundry girls told us you only had your native clothing with you.” As she spoke she indicated the chair in the corner with his clothes arranged neatly on it. She produced a ball of string and proceeded to have him stand with his legs slightly apart and his arms stretched out to the sides. He blushed as the maidens ran rings around them, still playing. The woman pulled the string out over various measurements, tying knots here and there to indicate his leg length, or his chest width, or his height. He tried not to think about her long slender fingers and the way they would on occasion brush his skin. She was finished in a matter of minutes, wrapping up the string and tying it to her wrist.
“Now, we shouldn’t be too long about this. You need to go have breakfast. Elmarhannia here will take you there when you are ready.” She said, grabbing a squealing redhead and pushing her in his direction.

Elmarhannia bounced around and around energetically while he was getting dressed and washed. She seemed to talk a lot about people he had never heard of and places he had never been. He just nodded and smiled as she led him down the intricate corridors to the dining hall, boinging all the way. She continued to fuss around him as he attempted to eat until Tallia shooed her away.
“Sleep well?” Bren asked with a mouthful of bacon.
“Remarkably.” Bobby replied, scopping up some egg “I had no idea it was possible to sleep so soundly.”
“Yeah, I like it here too.” Bren sighed wistfully “One day I’m just going to stay here forever and ever.”
“And I’ll move out. Pass the butter please?” Elredor grinned at Bren, who pouted delicately.
“Now now children. Bren you know he is just teasing. And Elredor, you know better than that.” Tallia chided the pair.
“The food here is excellent!” Irknar boomed through the hall.
“I have to agree with that.” Robin spoke very quietly. Bobby noticed someone had thoughtfully given her extra cushions to sit on so she could see over the table. He fell into the morning chatter comfortably. He relaxed as the dishes were emptied and then cleared away by the serving girls.

“My Lord, Seilla wishes to see you in her workshop.” A young page whispered in his ear. The lad led him away from the dining room and through some corridors he hadn’t seen before. This area of the palace seemed much more busy than the others. He noticed many young elves running around carrying various items and materials. He commented on it to the boy.
“yes My Lord, this is where we make most of our wares. People come from miles around to trade for our goods. We’re very good at what we do here.”
“And Seilla? Who is she?” Bobby asked.
“Seilla is our master seamstress Sir. She has been working us hard to make leather armour with your crest on it.”

Bobby wondered for a moment what crest he could be possibly be talking about as the youth took a sharp left and led him through the doors into a vast room filled with various materials.
“Ahh, Northerner! Come over here then so we can get you fitted.” Seilla ordered. He complied quietly, thinking it might be best not to anger a woman carrying sharp implements. She bustled around him, first covering him in a layer of the same soft fabric he had seen his friends wearing before before strapping the shaped and decorated leather on top. It fit remarkably well, and was surprisingly comfortable. She nodded to herself in approval and led him to a large mirror.
“So tell me, does it meet your expectations? Is it satisfactory?” She demanded.
His mouth dropped open a little at the sheer workmanship of the armour. He was amazed it had only taken an hour or so to craft. His fingers traced the lines of the crest. He chuckled suddenly as it occurred to him what it was. Emblazoned across his chest was the Guinness Harp.
“Well?” She nudged.
“It’s…wow…it’s really amazing! Where did you find this symbol?” he grinned.
“On this parchment we found in your pocket.” She showed him a leaftet he had been given while out pub crawling promising a special offer on the drink. Across the front of the image was the large Harp. He smiled. “It’s perfect, thanks!”

Sorry it took so long to post, but I seem to have kicked the ass of my writers block finally.

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