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Subject: Harry Potter
Medium: Wacom tablet, Painter Classic
Rating: G

Harry closes his eyes, tilts his broom backwards and lets go. He flings his arms out widely as he freefalls backwards to earth. Before he reaches the ground he will grab his broom and climb up again, but until then he enjoys the sensation.

Lyrics from Stateless by U2

I'm hoping to do a partner to this using Draco and the next verse.

  • APAD 18 & 19

    18: Origami roach, Little origami hat... Hat goes on the roach! 19: Watching the cold rain Dampening the world outside, I'm glad I'm indoors.

  • APAD 16 & 17

    16: OBJECTION! Cries Wright As Godot drinks his coffee. Let's blame a witness. 17: Archaeology. Tight shorts and far off places. I am Lara Croft.

  • APAD 15

    Some pain we avoid. When the needle pierces skin, Some pain we embrace.

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