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Subject: Tonks
Medium: Wacom tablet, Painter Classic
Rating: G (swimsuit warning - obviously)

I'm a metamorphmagus and I can look as fucking hot as I want!

She seemed the sort to have a small tattoo like that. Well. On occasion. I suppose she can change her tattoos as often as her hair.

This is the start of my Hogwarts Swimsuit Series. I thought I'd start with Tonks because a)I like her, b)I've never drawn her before and c)I was just thinking how unbelievably nifty it would be to play her in the movie (not that that'll ever happen but hey I can dream). The swimsuit series just because I like near-nudity and the weather is getting warmer now.

So I open the floor to requests! Is there anyone from the Potterverse you'd like to see in swimwear? Male or female, no restrictions. You can even suggest a tagline if you can think of one.

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