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Drunkards and Dragons

“Over a thousand years ago the hand of Orarillian stretched far over these lands, spreading his darkness and fear over all the people of Gardlin. It took decades for his power to be defeated and imprisoned. The exact location and method of his imprisonment remained a secret, as were many of the details of the last final battles. All these details were written down in five parts, each part in a different scroll. Each race was given a scroll to protect.” Thorellin lifted am aged, rolled up parchment for the crowd to see. “This is the Elven Scroll, Ethaulu. I believe that Lady Tallia has brought Mimonan, the Mage Scroll.” As he spoke Tallia lifted her skirt and extracted a similar scroll from her garter where it had been concealed. “Hmm. I thought I asked to keep it out of public view.” The Elf King muttered, taking the scroll and examining it. “There are three more scrolls of course. Gweliron, the Dwarf Scroll. Kathal, the Man Scroll. Lali, the Halfling Scroll. Your tasks shall be to gather the scrolls of your kinds together so that we can read the information hidden within.”

The assembled parties burst into a sea of questions all at once. Thorellin shushed them and assured them they would each be allowed to say their piece. Bobby looked around in confusion. The elven party appeared fairly relaxed and calm. That was to be understood, their task had already been done. The rest appeared quite upset over the request, especially the little halflings who were whispering among themselves and looking increasingly worried.
“But why do we need these scrolls?” he turned to ask Tallia, suddenly realising everyone had fallen silent and only his voice was heard in the silence. He cringed a little in embarrasment.
“Good question, Northerner.” Thorellin replied before Tallia could. “It seem that Orarillian may have been awoken by some force unknown to us. Even now the towns bordering the Darklands and beginning to experience his influence once more. Attacks from Orarillian’s few followers are becoming more common and organised. As such I have sent messages the respective leaders of Gardlin and they all agree we should prepare for the worst.”

This revelation sent the room back into a flurry of noise and concerned voices. A tiny hand went up near the front and waited patiently for the king to notice. He beckoned the shy halfling forward, and it whispered into his ear. Thorellin sat up and looked thoughtful for a moment before shushing the room once more.
“It seems we may have a slightly change of plan. The Halflings will not be collecting their scroll for us. Instead I hand this duty over to Lady Tallia and her party. They shall also bring the monk we shall need to read the scrolls. Now if the Men and the Dwarves would be so kind as to organise themselves I must ask you to return to your homes in the morning and relay my instructions to your leaders.” He waved the crowd away. “Please rest and enjoy our hospitality until them. Could Tallia and her companions stay behind a moment so they may discuss details with the Halflings.”

Bobby watched the room empty until just the two groups remained. Thorellin climbed down from his platform and sat among them.
“Tallia, we seem to have developped a problem. The chest in which Lali is kept was stolen a century ago and our smallest friends need a little help in recovering it. I had thought your group would be best up to the task seeing as the place they believe it has been taken is just a few short miles beyond the Monastery you would have been traveling to anyway. This way you can pick up the scroll and then bring a monk with you on your way back.” He told them. Tallia nodded.
“Why do you want us to get him anyway?” Elredor questioned.
“Simple, you have one person of every race in your group. It’s a requirement apparently. Don’t ask me how these monks think.” Thorellin replied.
“But we don’t have a member of every race.” Bren pointed out. Thorellin smiled.
“Oh you do now. Meet Robin Merlaswind. She’ll be accompanying you.” Thorellin smiled, putting his hand gently on the shoulder of a scruffy redheaded female. She smiled shyly and waved, blushing. “She’ll also lead you to the chest, as she has a map her grandfather made showing it’s suspected location.”
“So, who took it anyway? We need to know who we’re up against.” Tallia asked the small girl.
“Oh, we call him Deepwing. He took it for his hoard along with a lot of our other treasures.” Robin told Tallia.
“Hoard? Oh no, you’re not telling me we’re going after a dragon’s hoard?” Bren whimpered. Thorellin and Robin nodded.

Also it looks like the story shall be remaining in my journal and without a filter, just so you know.

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