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Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a fictional character?
Oh upon occasion yes.

If so..of whom?
*Thinks* Snape, Nightcrawler (he has a tail people, a tail!), um...hmm...think I might have had a few about Dream too, and a bunch of other characters I can't recall.

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a celebrity?
I think so, but I tend to stick to characters more than celebrities for my fantasies.

If so, of whom?
I can't think of anyone in particular. Probably more likely to be musicians than actors though.

Have you ever had fantasies about being the opposite gender?
On occasion, mostly out of curiosity and amusement.

Have you ever had sexual fantasies about your gender?
Frequently. Mmm. Women.

Do you have fantasies while masturbating?
Only very rarely. I'm usually more focused on the task in hand (no pun intended).

Have you ever become aroused without knowing why?

Have you ever been aroused by a piece of music or performance?
Hmm a few times ... =)

Which do you think is better? sex or a good steak?
Depends, what if the sex is really really really bad, and the steak is really really really good?

Usually the sex.


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