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Drunkards And Dragons

Bobby had been led to his room and left with a good sized meal by a particularly beautiful elf maiden (who had thankfully been wearing a dress, he didn’t think he could cope with attractive nudity right now). After finishing every last scrap he wandered around the room he had been assigned. The bed was large and comfortable and the view was wonderful. He was hanging over the balcony railings when a light tap at the door startled him. He opened the door and was faced with the maid who had led him here earlier and a friend of hers.
“Would sir care to bathe? Your companions are already being attended to.” The first elf smiled. The other giggled a little. He nodded.

They led him down several winding corridors and it occurred to him that he could hear singing. Not only that, it got louder the further the maids led him. They indicated that the place they were going was a doorway just a little further down the hallway they were currently walking along. Bobby managed to make out the words as they approached:

“…So there they were,
Lady and Sir
A-dancing on the grass.
He threw her down,
Spun her around
And took her up the
Bobby! There you are!”

Tallia stopped mid-verse and waved from the pool in which she sat with Bren, Irknar, Elredor and a gaggle of giggling maidens and pages. There were liberal amounts of empty wine jugs laying around, and each bather waved a goblet or had one set on the ornate stones nearby. Bobby blushed and was glad suddenly that the surface of the water seemed to be covered in petals of some kind, hiding most of their modesty. But not all. It seemed Bren was uncomfortable also, as he sat in the pool in what appered to be leather shorts.
“Come on, come and join us! You won’t get clean standing around there all clothed you know!” Elredor called to him. The two giggling maids began stripping their dresses off, then turned on his own clothes.
“Um…thanks ladies, I think I can manage.” He blushed. They both giggled entrancingly and slipped into the water. Bobby noticed several empty goblets. He poured wine into them and offered them to the wineless maids, before downing a cupful in one gulp (a little dutch courage never hurt anyone) and refilling his own. He began peeling his shirt and pants off, relieved to find that noone was paying the slightest bit of notice to him. Except for Bren who’s eyes darted everywhere around the room as if he didn’t have a clue where to look. Bobby shuffled to the water, covering his assets with his hands, and climbed in. He was instantly mobbed by a handful of elves who began scrubbing and lathering him between his protests.
“Oh shush yourself silly man, let them do their jobs.” Tallia chided him.
“Indeed! These people pride themselves on their hospitality, you wouldn’t want to insult them! Bren refused to remove his undergarments, quite the coward that boy!” Irknar laughed heartily. Bobby shrugged and let the elves get on with it and in fact found it quite nice after a while. Perhaps a little too nice. He yelped in surprise as a few indistinguishable hands washed him in places he hadn’t expected. His companions laughed and turned back to their drinking and singing and conversation.
“Ah you can’t beat the way they treat you here.” Elredor sighed happily as a few other elves slipped through the water and offered him a massage or three.
“Agreed! It’s the one thing your kind do right!” Irknar bellowed.
“What about our wine?” Elredor retorted.
“Exactly, and the food.” Tallia threw in.
“And they’re good at leatherwork.” Bren chimed.
“Well of course there’s those…” Irknar muttered agreement.
Bobby relaxed into the water, the combined effects of the wine, warmth and caresses making him drowzy. Even Bren was relaxing a bit, he noticed as the rugged swordsman let a pageboy wash his hair for him while another produced a razor. Tallia threw her arms around a couple of nearby maids and shared a joke that sent them into more fits of giggles. The elf and dwarf bickered, but companionably. It was all very relaxing…

Tallia swayed through the water towards him, settling herself virtually in his lap. He blushed and gulped as she leant forward and whispered some very dirty suggestions in his ear, her full breasts pressing up against his skin. Bobby looked to the others. They didn’t seem to be paying attention. He wasn’t sure what to do as her lips connected with his ear, then his neck, then his chest. A couple of the maidens joined them, taking him by surprise. He tried not to watch as they echoed Tallia’s actions on each other, but he couldn’t look away.
“I did tell you that the race of Elves is not a shy one, did I not?” Tallia whispered into his ear, straddling his thighs and making him blush furth as her hands explored him. Looking away all he could see were the beautiful elven women wrapped up in each other. He felt hands smooth along his back, and teeth nipping at his shoulder from behind. He gasped a little in surprise. The nibbling lips moved to lick and nuzzle at his ear.
“I want to play too.” A voice murmured deeply and huskily. Bobby turned to face the eager teaser behind him.
“Bren? What the Hell?” he cried out in a mixture of shock and embarrasment.

Bobby was shaken awake by a maid carrying a bundle. He took a moment to regain his senses. He must have dozed off in the pool.
“You must wake sir, it is nearly time for the gathering in the main hall.” She urged him. Looking around he could see the others almost finished dressing around the edges of the pool. He hoisted himself out and looked for his clothes. They were gone. Before he could complain several elves manhandled him into some form of soft towelling and set about drying him and his hair. Once they were satisfied they helped him dress in some sort of formal robe, similar to those he could see his friends were wearing. They added a few finishing touches, tidied his hair and herded the group out of the door and down the corridors like sheep.

They were led to an empty section of ornate wooden chairs and were seated. Once the maids were assured that the party was comfortable they vanished through some unseen doorways hidden behind tapestries. Bobby could see that the room was steadily filling up. There were all kinds of people, many he hadn’t seen the likes of before, all wearing the same formal looking robes they had been given. He was particulary taken by a group of child-height men, one of which had huge puppy-like eyes and clung to another small man, though the other one was slightly heavier. A hush fell over the room gradually as King Thorellin gracefully climbed onto his platform and settled himself comfortably. Bobby was relieved to see he had taken the time to put some clothes on.

“Most of you know why you are here. For those of you who do not know the reason for this meeting of peoples of Gardlin I shall explain briefly.” The old monarch’s gentle voice washed over the assembled crowd.

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