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21) Leather. Leather coats, leather shoes, leather collars, leather sofas, Leather straps. It's all good. And sexy.

22) Rainbows. They're so pretty!

23) Zombies and zombie movies. Best. Horror. Creature. EVA!!1!1!11

24) Slash. Manslash, femmeslash, hetslash, anyslash. I'm a sucker for romance and sex.

25) Nudity. Not because I am a pervert (though, I am) but because the human form is a thing of beauty. Especially women, they're so curvy and soft. Most of my favourite photographs and paintings are of nudes.

26) Children (Shhh! It's a secret! As far as the world's concerned I hate the little brats.)

27) Water. Especially the sea. Nothing like walking along a beach, or by a river, or IN a river.

28) Robots in movies. For some reason I just adore robots with personalities. A.I. and Bicentennial Man may have been flops with the critics, but I loved them. This includes lovely Data.

29) Webcomics. Lots of them (I won't list them individually).

30) The colour blue. It's just really nice. I'm surrounded by it.

31) The internet. It's entertaining, informative and just plain old useful.

32) Cheesecake. MMmmmMmmMmm. In fact let this include desserts in general.

33) The Sims. I love playing God, and I just adore killing them off, or building brothels, or setting fire to things.

34) Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, I love berries.

35) Breadsticks and pizza crusts. I'm always stealing poor Bardi's pizza crusts. My parents cheat though, they get stuffed crust pizzas. I can't steal those.

36) Christmas. I adore the season. I love giving people things. I admit that I love getting things also. I love Christmas dinner, and playing boardgames with the family and so many different things about it.

37) U2. My favourite band ever.

38) Tattoos. I only have one at the moment, but I'm always planning on more.

39) Sleeping. Or more specifically, dreaming. I have such strange dreams that they usually amuse me.

40) USA. As much as I disagree with some of it's politics, and the fact that despite what I say I do love my home in the UK, for some reason I always feel much more at home in the US.

Part 3 coming soon.

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