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Stolen from gothwalk, my personal top 100 list of things in no particular order, Part one of five:

1) bardiphouka naturally.

2) Final Fantasy. I'm a fangirl, I admit it.

3) Harry Potter. Well that's obvious I suppose. No idea why, but it makes me happy.

4) Sex. Including foreplay and all related subjects.

5) Kittens, puppies and other cute baby animals.

6) Sweet and sour chicken. My absolute favourite chinese meal.

7) Home cooked sunday roast, beef, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and gravy. I'm not a fan of vegetable. Though the beef can occasionally be chicken, turkey or pork.

8) Anime. Various series and movies.

9) Yoshitaka Amano. I've been in love with his art since the first moment I saw it. I was so thrilled when I got my Amano Tarot set.

10) Neil Gaiman. I have to agree with gothwalk on this one, he's not just a fantastic writer but a nice guy too.

11) Ankhs. I have dozens of te damn things now.

12) Toys. So many kinds of toys. I never really grew up in that respect. I have everything from action figures to stuffed animals to legos.

13) Socks. Well, interesting socks anyway. Same goes for panties. Bras I am not so interested in.

14) Drawing. I love to draw, even if I suck at it.

15) Clocks. If I bought every clock I took a fancy to my room would be a mass of ticking.

16) Cherry Blossom. I love it in spring when the cherry trees are all pink and white, and there are petals everywhere.

17) Snow. I get all bouncy in the snow.

18) My laptop. Yeah this goes on my top 100, simply because of what a lifeline it is for me.

19) Blood. It's an odd thing to be on this list, but I do have an odd fascination with it. (No don't panic, I don't go around cutting myself just because I like blood.)

20) Breasts. They're so squishy ^_^

And there you have it. I will try and post set 2 tomorrow.

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