Doctor Fiancee (kellingham) wrote,
Doctor Fiancee

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Honey (our insane and mostly blind shi-tzu) was going nuts outside, barking. So we wander outside to see if there are kids bothering her and lo and behold sitting on the garden path is the biggest hedgehog I have ever seen. Looking totally unconcerned that an aged dog is barking at it btw.
Just stuck my head out of the window to watch mum chase it round the garden with a torch and a bowl of catfood. Finally managed to convince her it probably doesn't like the torch very much, or being chased for that matter, and she definately shouldn't pet it. Hope Mr. (or large Mrs.) Hedgehog enjoys his catfood dinner. If not I am sure the local strays will. It is of course welcome to live in our garden, as we don't like slugs and the sparrows making a nest in one of our trees would like a neighbour.
Ah, spring.
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