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Just watched X-Men the Movie (the first one) with my parents. It was their first time seeing it. When we reach the end and Magneto and Xavier are in the plastic prison dad asked a couple of questions about it:

K=Me ^_^

D: Wait, what about the guard's belt buckle? Couldn't he use it to escape?
K: It's velcro.
D: Ah. But Xavier's wheelchair is metal isn't it?
K: No, look. It's a plastic one.
D: So there's no metal in there at all? What about loose change in the guard's pockets?
K: None. I imagine the guard doesn't have any change in his pocket.
M: There's no metal? Why isn't he allowed metal?
D&K: ....

I wonder what goes through her mind sometimes. She just sat and watched the entire movie with us.

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