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1] What is your pen name? KelBardi or just Kel. Come to think of it I never sign my work.

2] How did you get the name? I used to be KelComet, but it never felt fully comfortable (I only added the Comet because Kel is taken everywhere) and after I met bardiphouka his name sort of merged with mine for the long version. It's certainly unique.

3] Do you use PC or Mac? PC.

4] What software you use most often? Corel Painter Classic. I tried the latest Painter (8 I think) but discovered I didn't like the interface at all, I like to keep things simple.

5] Do you use mouse, or tablet? Tablet usually, I'm not conmtrolled enough for mouse work.

6] The color you use most often is? Black. I think. If not then probably skin tones or green.

7] What area of the pictures do you put most effort into? Poses, faces. Need practise with hands and feet though.

8] How long does it take you do draw a picture? It varies a lot. Some of my best work I've virtually sneezed out. On the other hand I can get lost in one picture for hours, usually on one tiny detail.

9] Do you keep your rough drafts? Always when using paper, 9 times out of 10 when using Painter.

10] What kind of font do you use most often? I adore one I found a while ago called Hagrid (yes the Harry Potter Hagrid) that looks like it's hand scribbled.

11] What's the dpi when you scan? I havn't scanned anything in years. My scanner sucks.

12] Do you do anything else when you're drawing pictures? I listen to music a lot, or have the tv on in the backround. Sometimes I'm holding conversations at the same time. My hand usually seems content to work without much brain input.

13] How many pictures do you draw in a month? I couldn't even guess. A dozen perhaps? More if I have found a theme I am working on. Some months I draw hardly anything.

14] What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on? I have some sketchpads I use.

15] What kind of paper do you use for sketches and drafts? I use the sketchpads for those too.

16] How long does it take to ink something? You know I've never inked yet. I've found no need to, I don't scan my pencil drawings (yet) and there's something nice about the messy simplicity of pencil.

17] Do you do doujinshi or original manga? I'd love to, but damned if I can do the page layouts.

18] Do you like doujinshi? Is it fun making it? Some doujinshi that I'd have the opportunity to see online (I don't own any alas) are excellent, I have never made one.

19] Ever submitted anything to a magazine? Nope, I want to be confident in myself before I even try that.

20] Did it get published? See above.

21] Who are your favorite artists? Ah it would take ages so hmm my absolutely favouritist artist is Yoshitaka Amano, and I thoroughly suggest yukipon, she is super talented! I'm jealous!

22] What's your favourite Anime/Manga?
anime - Fushigi Yuugi, Read Or Die, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop.
manga - Miyuki-chan. Want to read so many hundreds more.

23] Favourite Character? Hmm Chichiri, Nuriko, Nancy and Yomiko, Hakkai.

24] Any artists that you'd like to draw like? Yoshitaka Amano.

25] Do you buy books a lot? Not really.

26] Did you ever buy a book to inspire you to draw? I have a bunch of art books, things like figure drawing books.

27] Any video games you enjoy? The Final Fantasy series, Sims.

28] Any favourite characters from video games? Most of the Final Fantasy characters.

29] Do you have a favourite writer? Gaiman, De Lint, Rowling.

30] Any books you really enjoy? The Harry Potter Series and of course The Sandman.

31] Do you write fanfics? I've tried, but never finished one.

32] Any music that you often listen to while drawing? I just let my playlist go nuts.

33] Any recommended songs? Nothing that comes to mind immediately.

34] Any websites that you totally admire? yukipon's BloodSugarSexMagick, seviet's Art Dungeon, Nocturne.

35] Do you have any sites you want to go everyday? A long list, LJ, Gaia, Engrish, B3ta, CJ, Shoujoai, 4chan, 5chan, a really long list of comics.

36] What is your dream site like? I wish I knew.

37] Do you like your own art? It's a bit crap really, but I'm improving. I like it the more I see it.

38] What do you enjoy watching on TV? Simpsons, hmmm I don't actually watch much Tv apparently.

39] Favourite celebrity? I don't think I have an absolute favourite.

40] Favourite color? I like blues and purples.

41] Favourite food? Potatoes, pasta, rices, chicken, chocolate, cheesecake, MEAT.

42] Favourite drink? Fruity stuff, citrussy things like Sprite.

43] Any places you like to shop at? I'm quite fond of Hot Topic, but I'll wander around most stores happily. All depends what I'm shopping for really.

44] Can you cook? Hahahahahahah. No.

45] Any programs you use often for email? Any electronic pets? No programs used. I used to have a bunch of Neopets and I suppose I still do, but I haven't been there for months.

46] Are you a computer expert? Not really. I'm a geek at heart but without the knowledge to back it up.

47] Want to become a professional artist? I'd love to earn money with my art, but it's not a likely prospect.

48] Any other jobs you're interested in, besides an illustrator? Perhaps teaching...

49] Any other specialities besides drawing? No. I suck.

50] Do you like to watch movies? Yes, but not too much.

51] What's your favourite movie? A.I., Tron, The Crow, Finding Nemo, Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Ghost in the Shell, a bunch of others.

52] Have you ever entered art contests? Hmm not since I was little.

53] When did you start drawing seriously? Drawing isn't serious, it's fun ^_^ But I've always drawn, it's only in the past couple of years I've started collecting the proper tools and skills for it.

54] Anything that you often use as a reference when you draw? I still take ideas for poses, clothesm expressions etc from other artist's work and photographs, but less and less these days.

55] Have you met any of your fans online? I don't have fans.

56] You have a lot of pen pals? Nope.

57] You have a lot of friends who draw? Not that many, but then I only have a tiny circle of friends.

58] What time do you usually go online? Constantly. I live there.

59] Do you like to go to chat rooms? Only one, and that's only because I've knownt he people there for hmmm 4 years?.

60] Do you have your own computer? Yes, and I paid for it all myself. There is another that is technically mine but I think I'm going to give it to my parents.

61] What would you say to the person you admire? "Hi. I really admire you."?

62] Do you think of things when you draw? Lots of things.

63] Have you drawn bad because you think too much? No, I draw bad because I suck heh.

64] Do you have any friends who are professionals? Not to my knowledge.

65] Where do you often hang out? Hang...out? What's that?

66] Do you have any artists that you don't like too much? Noone comes to mind.

67] Situations in which you really don't like being online? When my parents ask for something and it makes me feel guilty about being online.

68] Situations in which you hate when it comes to having websites? When I don't feel like updating.

69] Something that makes you really glad that the internet exists? bardiphouka.

70] What about things that make you NOT glad that the internet exists? Stupid people.

71]What's the first picture you've ever shown to the public online? I can't remember.

72] Do you still have that? Probably, somewhere.

73] Has your drawing style changed a lot? It certainly has. It'sless affected by other artists and more my own.

74] How does it usually change? It's starting to look more unique in style, and to be more detailled and better quality I hope.

75] Have you experienced artists block before? Every time I stare at a canvas.

76] How did you escape from it? I haven't yet =/.

77] What happens when you have artists block? I get frustrated and restless.

78] Any artists that have influenced you a lot? It's changed a lot, a few different artists contributed to my style, but not all at the same time.

79] What made you start drawing? Wanting to make pretty things.

80] What made you want to get a website? It seemed the thing to do at the time.

81] Where did your site name come from? Moonsung - Bardi created a world called Moonsung and it sort of carried over by accident when he gave me the webspace and domain name ^_^ Thankyou love.

82] What do you think about net manners? Always mind your peas and queues.

83] Have you ever been spammed? Nope.

84] Ever thought about quitting your webpage? Nope.

85] If so, why? See above.

86] About how much KB is each picture? Ooh I don't know, guess I've never concerned myself with that.

87] When creating your site, do you use a program or pure html? *hugs Dreamweaver for making my life easy*

88] Do you have good eyesight? Nope, contact lenses all the way baby.

89] If you can get any person's autograph, who's would you get? Perhaps Gaiman's, Rowling's or Amano's.

90] What would you say to that artist when he/she autographs for you? "Thankyou very much."

91] Do you have fans of your art? Why would I have fans?

92] Do you like to draw on oekaki bbs? I've tried it a few times, but it doesn't seem to agree with me.

93] Are you good at art in school? My art teacher hated me. She spent her time with her handful of 'star pupils'. Then she hung herself.

94] Did you take art lessons other than from school? No, but it would be nice to.

95] Have you drawn a manga? Not yet.

96] What's your favourite phrase/quote? "A man's reach should exceed his grasp else what's a heaven for?"

97] Do you think your personality is different externally and internally? A little, but I'm pretty open.

98] What's your goal now? I despair for my lack of goalage.

99] What do you have to say to yourself? "Suck less."

100] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone? "Hug me"


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