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I'm all safe and back in Scotland and stuff. And also extremely tired. Was showered with gifts by the parents, fed, and fussed over for a while by both parents and dogs (on my return I found Honey's squeaky chicken leg whih apparently had been lost since I left, mostly because it was under the chair I use and noone else seems to).

Honestly, I feel like a guest here, not like I live here. My parents redecorated my room (as they usually do when I am away, I am getting used to it) in pine (which I specifically requested they didn't use too much of). The sooner I get back to Ohio the better I shall feel, this travelling is too stressful.
Besides, bardiphouka's sofa is much more comfortable to sleep on than the one here.

Flight things:
We were followed by a rainbow as we passed over Ireland. We dove through it's centre as we came in to land.
Scotland is dull to view from above, row after row of identical housing. Or fields.
My little TV thing didn't work right.
Dinner was chicken.....I think.
It was cold and cramped and I hate the bastards who get to travel in business class. Bastards.
No sleep for Kel.
The lady in the aisle seat fell asleep stretched out and I needed to pee for four hours.
They didn't print me a boarding pass, but I don't care because they did in Newark.
Gate 130 is a hell of a long walk from gate 80 in Newark.

Anyway, I'll stop blathering now, head all light and fuzzy. I love and miss you Bardi.

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