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4 Things

Name 4 things you have done today:

- Drew

- Ate out

- Watched Kingdom Hospital

- Listened to Bardi play guitar

Name 4 things you are thinking about right now:

- Bardi playing guitar

- Drawing

- Junk food

- This meme

Name 4 scents you love:

- Vanilla

- Baking bread

- Any kind of berry

- Eucalyptus

Name 4 things you'd never wear:

- Orange anything

- Sandals with socks

- Micro skirts (unless given a very good reason)

- Hot pants

Name the last 4 things you have bought:

- A perm

- Chili and cheesecake

- A CD for my brother

- A Gaelic Storm T-Shirt

Name 4 things drinks you regularly drink:

- Cherry-coke

- Sprite

- Mountain Dew

- Coffee

Name 4 bands/groups most people don't know you like:

- Nobuo Uematsu

- Steeleye Span

- The Beatles

- Evanescence

Name 4 bad habits you have:

- Constantly apologising

- Scratching at spots

- Snoring (apparently)

- Getting shy at everything

Name 4 things you wish you had:

- Money

- A kitten

- A puppy

- A more permanent form of visa

Name 4 people who know you best:

- Bardi

- Mum

- Stevie

- Dad

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