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This is a Gaia Online related post - so if you don't play feel free to skip everything.

I am thinking about starting a breedables shop, I already have a pair of adult critters drawn up - one male one female. I painted up the male for myself. Here have a look:

The female is similar, but dual-horned and slightly more muscular. Also rarer (I plan on making 1/7 eggs female). She is currently only lineart. She looks more like this:

I also have a profile they'll grow up in for sigs.

What I want to know is - does anyone here want the female? I shall paint her up to your design and colour preferences. If more than one of you want her I'll sort something fair out. If noone wants her...well. I guess I'll just have to have both of the damned things or something lol. So just let me know in comments or AIM me.
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