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Stolen from ramothhe

I'm really smart!

They'll just quit again anyway.


I drew this, thinking this might be what Sirius accidentally saw, one night in Harry's room. ;)

They're all the same.

It's like the ring- you'll die if you read it!

And let me know you took it.

fuck illiterate children who IM me to talk shit on behalf of their friends
fuck them because they don't have the balls to put their name behind what the say (in such poor english too) and for talking shit when they don't even know whats going on


Fuck you random bitches who keep fucking adding me.

  • APAD 18 & 19

    18: Origami roach, Little origami hat... Hat goes on the roach! 19: Watching the cold rain Dampening the world outside, I'm glad I'm indoors.

  • APAD 16 & 17

    16: OBJECTION! Cries Wright As Godot drinks his coffee. Let's blame a witness. 17: Archaeology. Tight shorts and far off places. I am Lara Croft.

  • APAD 15

    Some pain we avoid. When the needle pierces skin, Some pain we embrace.

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