December 9th, 2009

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Kel is furious. Holidays at work are first come, first served. I asked for a day off and got told only Tuesdays and Wednesdays were left. Not ideal for nightshift. And I certainly couldn't have the last night off at all. Sighfully I accepted Wednesday (tonight).

Just found out that not one but TWO people who asked after me got a Monday and a Thursday off. So they don't have to worry about sleep at all. Challenged manager. Discovered my holiday wasn't even booked. Challenged him on the subject of changing my day seeing as the others got daysthey wanted after me.

No chance. I am stuck with a shit night off because two loudmouthed bitches who always get their own way for the sake of peace wanted their days off.

Angry now. Hate work favouritism.

Might speak with the boss boss on Friday morning if I can catch him. Too late to change my day, but treatment will be noted at least.


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