March 6th, 2009

Dr. Manhattan

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Just back from Watchmen. It was awesome. Truly awesome. They really brought the book to life in my opinion. There were a few changes to the plot that were somewhat frustrating, but understandable. I really recommend it. But not if you dislike blood. Or complicated plots.

I am pretty sure everyone I know likes both of these.

I miss the [SPOILER], which they replaced with [SPOILER].


Also, bardiphouka, you'll love the soundtrack. Dylan and Cohen? Yes please!
Death3 - Cute


Tweets of the day:

  • 09:00 @gojiro But Rorschach does have an action figure. And a deluxe one too. #
  • 09:45 @Wiccy And here in the land of haggis it is Friday at 9:45am. Good morning! #
  • 09:48 @Wiccy Same here. I am just home from work. And I shall be awake awhile, then asleep a while. Then awake again. #
  • 18:39 Off to answer the question "Who watched the Watchmen?" (Spoiler: it's me!) #
  • 18:40 Off to answer the question "Who watches the Watchmen?" (Spoiler: it's me!) #
  • 23:10 Big blue winky! Ahem. Go see Watchmen. Ending slightly changed, but acceptable. Rorshach amazing. Manhattan tragic. Owl/Spectre gorgeous. #
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