November 5th, 2008

Fry Squee

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Well done America! We're very proud of you.
I got the news while at work and as such was unable to join in the post election joy with you all which is a shame.

I also heard through Stephen Fry that Prop 8 got passed, and he is understandably upset and so am I. I guess you can't win them all.

We're still proud of you anyway.

And on that note, how's that for a birthday present bardiphouka?

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Dear everyone who lives in my immediate area,

I love the 5th of November. Fireworks are pretty. You have a lovely bonfire built where I have put my gypsies.

But 3pm is NOT an appropriate time to start your firework displays. It's not even dark! And why have a display in front of our house with the biggest fireworks you can possibly buy? I don't get up until 7pm (which is a much more reasonable time) at which point the fireworks STOPPED.


No love, Kel.
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