April 8th, 2008

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You may remember the woman next door. The one who complained when we did a little DIY last year, despite having done hers for free? Yeah, that one.
You may have guessed that she complained AGAIN. Because my mother was cleaning. Just after 9pm. YES we had put a new ceiling in the bathroom, but even I didn't hear it go up because the majority was stuck, not nailed (one of those fancy tongue in groove things). All the the brief nailing was complete before 8pm.
She came around and bitched saying she was on an early shift in the morning.
Guess what, she was home all day. She lied. She wasn't at work at all, nevermind on an early shift. Did she think we wouldn't notice?
We even asked the other neighbours, and they said they never knew that any work was going on at all. Seeing as the bathroom is up against the wall furthest from bitch next door, they would be the ones most likely to hear it, not her.

The worst thing is now my mother (who is... emotionally fragile to put it politely) can't sleep because she's sure she'll get another letter from the council. She's stressing out entirely.
That woman next door is making my mum a wreck.

And now my mother has a man coming around to value our house and is intending to move away, no matter how much I try to dissuade her. Hopefully it's just another of her reactions on a whim and she'll eventually not go through with it because I am sick to death of moving. And it only means they have to start all that work again. They haven't even really finished this place.
I am so pissed off. Bitch next door has no right to do this to my mother.

Also, I missed yesterday's APAD. I'll do two later to make up for it or something.

APAD 07 & 08

Days pass too quickly.
Good intentions go to waste.
Where did my life go?

Touches, remembered,
A warm sense of belonging,
A night in your arms.
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