July 18th, 2007

Snape depressed

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So there are Harry Potter spoilers flying around LJ already. I read part of one before I realised what it was and managed not to read further, but I can't un-read anything.
So I'm furious.

I don't understand why people go out of their way to get the book before it's released and then post up what they find all over the internet. It just baffles me entirely. If I got the books early by magic, then I'd be delighted, read them and SHUT THE FUCK UP until I knew others had caught up.

For all I know the spoilers are just a troll making things up to mess with people (at least one of the names mentioned in the death list I have a very hard time believing JK would kill off. I see no logic to that particular death.) but it is still annoying. And this is exactly how I got spoiled last time. I planned to cut out on LJ on Thursday, because last time I was spoiled the day before and I figured two days would be a good buffer. Most HP based communities have locked posting this week anyway so I was relaxed.
It seems trolls and spoilers find their way through anyway.
Just a perfect bloody end to a perfect bloody night.
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