July 15th, 2007

Rapidly becoming obsessed H/D

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So I just got back from Glasgow. Where I saw Order of the Phoenix.

At the IMAX.

Complete with 3D battle at the Ministry.

Spoiler free review: HOLY FUCK!
If you have an IMAX near you that is doing 3D showings, GO GO GO! There was this one bit with flying glass and the thestrals and the FIGHT!

Tonks was gorgeous! More Tonks please!
Luna was perfect!
Bellatrix's laugh was just so... so... deliciously insane!
The thestrals and Grawp were exactly as I imagined them.
The Marauders needed more screentime, but they all looked like younger versions of themselves, especially poor young Snape.
They did cut a lot, but that's to be expected and to be honest, not really missed. They managed to rearrange everything else to fit just nicely.

Also Luna/Neville. So cute.
It would have been nice to see the scene with Neville and his parents in the hospital as I remember that as being a particularly moving scene in the book, but they did manage to keep so much of the main plot it's forgivable.

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